Under pressure from Animal Rights Terrorist Groups like the ADL (Animal Defense League)
And a still recovering economy, L.A.'s new Mayor Eric Garcetti has decided that shutting down L.A.'s 6 new state-of-the-art animal shelters is his best option for winning re-election in 2017.
A shelter network taxpayers overwhelmingly agreed to support by their unanimous 2001 vote.
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When it comes to L.A.'s Animal Shelters, the majority of Angelenos spoke their collective minds back in 2001 by voting to build the 6 beautiful new state-of-the-art animal shelter properties that now exist & to support them and their employees.

But this new mayors' decision to keep Ms. Brenda Barnette at the helm of the City's Dep't. of Animal Services is a serious error in judgment.

That's because of Barnette's inability to work together with L.A.'s many rescue groups, not to mention her hateful treatment of her own dep't. and employees. 

Garcetti should at least have the common decency to demand that as a condition of her continuing employment with this city, she be required to publically apologize to 
her own employees.  

She should also be required to cease & desist from her relentless campaign to bankrupt her own dep't. & slander her employees excellent performance & reputation.
If you were to turn on the news one day only to find that the City of L.A. no longer operated any animal shelters, would you be alarmed?  
If you were suddenly to discover that there is no longer any safe-haven where you could take a lost or injured pet should you find one on the street, would you be outraged?

If so then you need to know that just such a day is fast approaching unless you do your part to stop it!

That's because L.A. Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette's marching orders first issued by ex-mayor Villaraigosa to 
start shutting down L.A.'s Animal Shelters, one shelter at a time, has now been re-sanctioned by new mayor Eric Garcetti.

She's already closed down 1 of our busiest animal shelters forever & stopped 1 brand new shelter from ever opening in the first place.

And she recently attempted to eliminate the entire grave-yard shift at all 6 of our city shelters which would have resulted in these poor animals being left completely alone & unmonitored all night long!  Thankfully the city council stepped in and stopped her.

Does that sound to you like a General Manager that's concerned about the welfare of animals in this city?  

Mr. Garcetti swears that Animal Services G.M. Brenda Barnette was not relocated to the city of  L.A. by his predecessor 
Mr. Villaraigosa (all expenses for her move from Seattle paid for courtesy of L.A. taxpayers) to destroy her own Dep't., but only to lower euthanasia rates. 

Only problem is that NOT ONE SINGLE employee nor shelter volunteer actually believes him!

Like any politician, Mr. Garcetti is out to cater to the wishes of the richest donors--the ones who financed his exorbitantly expensive campaign--in this case, the Hollywood special-interest movie-star elitists.  

And when it comes to these folks, one thing is for sure:  They hate and detest the very thought of maintaining public animal shelters to serve the public-at-large!

Unlike ordinary Angelenos, their wealth & celebrity status ensures that they will never need any of the services offered there.
And because they live in a "story book" world of wealth and privilege, they can't understand the publics' need for these shelters. 

They want ALL public animal shelters closed down forever & all shelter properties sold immediately.

And Mr. Garcetti is doing all he can -- even breaking his own city's ordinances & zoning laws in an all-out push to deliver!

Mr. Garcetti doesn't seem to understand that he is just another public servant in a long line of public servants to hold the position of L.A.'s mayor and that he was elected to uphold the will (and best interest) of the people.

But by rehiring Ms. Brenda Barnette, he has reaffirmed the actions of the previous mayor who thought it not inappropriate to give away a taxpayer-funded $19 million dollar state-of-the-art animal shelter to a private corporation for the lofty sum of $1 dollar of rent per year.  Mr. Garcetti also fails to understand that by rehiring Barnette he is reaffirming her decision to close down one of the busiest shelters in our city.

Mr. Garcetti has totally and completely overstepped the bounds of his authority and is now operating completely by the seat of his pants in an all-out push to please a very small group of the far left-wing special interest animal rights extremists.

So If Mr. Garcetti's decision to continue the destruction of L.A.'s animal shelters distresses you then please call the
Mayor's Office immediately at: (213) 978-0600  and let him know that taxpayers didn't vote to spend the $154 million dollars 
it took to build L.A.'s  beautiful new animal shelter system only to watch it all be destroyed  by a mayor who's too afraid of some "crazies" in the radical animal right terrorist movement. 

Barnette now speaks openly within dep't. circles of her intentions to close down 2 MORE animal shelters.  

Unfortunately for this mayor, instead of just coming clean with the citizens of L.A. and admitting that he's under pressure from Hollywood & the economy, he's decided to continue the Villaraigosa strategy--which was to get the General Manager of the Dep't. Brenda Barnette to file what turned out to be nothing short of a laundry list of serious criminal charges against her own workforce.  That strategy attempts to blame hard-working employees for the sluggish euthanasia rate declines.

And while all of the bogus charges that Barnette filed against her own employees have all been thoroughly investigated by no less than the Los Angeles Police Dep’t., the Office of the L.A. District Attorney and the Office of the City Controller Wendy Grueul and proven to be COMPLETELY FALSE AND WITHOUT ANY MERIT WHATSOEVER (see page 3 for documentation), you have to ask yourself…

How can attacking your own employees and shutting down your own animal shelters ever help to further the cause of lowering euthanasia rates?

The answer of course is that it can't.

Shutting down more animal shelters is foolish and only serves to decrease available kennel/cage space, therefore INCREASING THE EUTHANASIA RATES instead of lowering them.

And harassing her own workforce only serves to wear them down and to detract them from fully focusing on their intended goal of providing the highest level of care to the animals they are charged with looking after.

Barnette's history of terrorizing and intimidating her own employees dates back many decades before her arrival here in L.A

See for yourself by visiting this website documenting her days up in Seattle and whereby the author refers to her operation as a
"sweat shop" and how her ruthless "iron-handed" management style resulted in the firing of about two dozen employees in one year! 
(The "KCACC" abbreviation used in the article in the above link stands for the: King County Animal Care & Control agency.)

Barnette is now more than 5 years into her "7- year plan" to eliminate all of L.A.'s remaining animal shelters by 2017.
That date just so happens to coincide with the date her Best Friends Animal Society promised to make L.A. a "No-Kill" city!

Only problem is that Best Friends has yet to produce even one single month of "no-kill" at any one of our 6 animal shelters. Not even one!

So once Barnette closes down the last L.A. Animal Shelter, we'll all be left to wonder:  Where will all of the 55,000-plus stray or owner-surrendered animals showing up at the front door of our animal shelters every year go instead? 

Unfortunately the new mayor's office (just like the old mayor's office) only offer "lip service" to the cause of protecting animals in the form of 30-second sound bites on public service T.V. commercials. 

If Mr. Garcetti really championed the cause of shelter animals, his hero wouldn't be Barnette, it would be all the totally 
sincere, compassionate and hard-working Dept. of Animal Services Employees who care for literally 1000's of shelter 
animals 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  That 's why their job title is called: Animal Care Technicians, or ACT's!

Animal Care Technicians do their jobs every day with pride, compassion and total commitment.
Click here to find out the truth about these fine employees that Barnette would rather you didn't see

And concerning General Manager Brenda Barnette, L.A.'s new mayor needs to understand that The City of Los Angeles wasn't supposed  to be paying Ms. Barnette $220,000.00 a year to d-e-s-t-r-o-y the Dept. of Animal Services.  
Mayor Villaraigosa told the us that we were paying Ms. Barnette to  m-a-n-a-g-e  the Dept. of Animal Services!

Mayor Villaraigosa lied to all of us and the new mayor appears ready to do more of the same!

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